Lack of foreign tourists hitting Pratunam market hard

THE phase four easing of the Covid-19 lockdown has not helped vendors in Pratunam market as sales there are still down by 90% and will only climb again when foreign tourists return, INN News reported this afternoon (June 20, 2020).

A survey of the vendors at this market in the heart of Bangkok found the business is as slow as it could be because usually most of the shoppers are foreign tourists who are still not allowed to come into this country.

The vendors said this market has not benefited at all from the phase four easing of the lockdown and now expect sales to either pick up at yearend or when the government reopens the door and lets foreign tourists back in.

While wanting foreign tourists to return, the vendors are nevertheless worried about a second round of coronavirus outbreak should they return too soon.

The vendors urged the government to help with the rent because even though sales have plunged so low they still have to pay the same amount of rent to the landlords.


Pratunam market today where vendors are suffering from dismally low sales. Photos: INN News


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