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Two foreign men questioned in Ukrainian woman’s death on Koh Samui

THE discovery of the decomposed body of a young Ukrainian woman in a forest on Koh Samui has prompted police to call her her new British boyfriend and her former Ukrainian husband for questioning, Naewna newspaper reported this afternoon (June 8, 2020).

The body of Olha Frolova, 32, was found by Uthen Ruangnon, 47, lying supine in a forest stream far from residential areas and covered with layers of coconut fronds.

Pol Col Yuthana Sirisombaht, head of Bo Phut station and his team of investigators have called in her ex-husband Mr Dimas Frolov, 40, and Uthen who found her body for a new round of questioning.

Frolov told them that before Olha disappeared she came to see him on May 24 and dropped off their 10-year-old son for him to take care of for two days. On May 25 he called her mobile phone but failed to reach her.

After that on May 29 he reported her as missing and also checked with her friends and various places she frequented as well as announced her disappearance on a few online channels.

He later got word that she was last seen walking around Lamai Temple on May 25 at approximately 1 p.m. but never again after that.

Frolov, a freelance photographer, added that he had been married to Olha for 12 years and they came to Thailand together with their 10-year-old son five years ago. Olha’s role was that of a housewife

However lately they had started having family problems and separated two months ago and Olha had after that got a new boyfriend, a British man who ran a fitness business.

Frolov said throughout the time they were together their quarrels never led to blows but Olha had told him that her new boyfriend had pressed a knife on her throat and beaten her up.

Pol  Col Yuthana said aside from Olha’s former husband, her new boyfriend and Uthen, her friends too had been called for questioning.

It is as yet uncertain whether she died at the scene or was dumped there, also whether it was an accident or murder but murder has not been ruled out with possible motives being an affair, personal conflict or an attack by a criminal but this has yet to be ascertained, he added.

Initial autopsy at Koh Samui Hospital failed to detect any signs of physical assault or wounds because the body had decomposed. However the body will be sent to the Forensic Science Institute at the Police Hospital for further examination.


Top: Olha Frolova and the forest where her body was found. Photo: Naewna


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