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Two hurt after angry man fires shotgun at noisy drinkers

Chai Nat: A 60-year-old-man who had been challenged for a long time by his enemy took the opportunity of him having got together for a loud drinking session with his friends to grab a shotgun and fire at them injuring two drinkers, one seriously, PostToday reported this morning (June 6, 2020).

Police detectives from Sankhaburi station in this central region province arrested the suspect for striding towards the group of drinkers and firing a round at them and injuring his enemy plus one of his friends with the incident having occurred at around 9 p.m. yesterday.

The suspect was arrested soon after the shooting having gone to hide at his younger brother’s house, which is just 20 metres from where the incident took place. Police also seized the shotgun and five bullets.

The suspect explained that he fired the shotgun at his enemy because he had been constantly challenged for a long time and felt resentful. Upon hearing him drinking and shouting as usual he lost control of himself and took the shotgun to shoot him but in doing do accidentally injured one of his friends.

Meanwhile Khon Kaen police have arrested an audacious thief who stole a pump from a restaurant right next to the provincial police headquarters during the Covid-19 lockdown last month.

At 9 a.m. today Pol. Col. Preecha Kengsarikit, head of Khon Kaen City police station, said a police team had arrested the 25-year-old man who stole Plen Plen restaurant’s pump with the theft and his getaway recorded by CCTVs.

The suspect confessed to the crime, saying he stole the pump to get money to treat his sick month.

Police had followed the CCTV recordings to his house where he was arrested after the pump was found there.


Top: The suspect at Chai  Nat police station after being arrested and the shotgun he used below.

Insert: The thief who dared to steal a pump right under the nose of the police after being arrested. Photos: PostToday

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