Sunday Walking Street reopening in Chiang Mai

By Peeranut P.,

WITH phase 3 easing of the Covid-19 lockdown having led to many businesses and natural attractions again opening up the latest to likewise do so is Chiang Mai up in the north.

Come Sunday June 7 and the popular Sunday Walking Street at the centre of the walled Old City will again be starting up with this currently aimed at drawing Thai tourists who are now encouraged to travel within the country to help spur the economy and get it bustling again.

Chiang Mai’s municipality has made a big effort to beautify the city during the lockdown with one step being to grow many colours of lotus in the moat surrounding the Old City. These are now blooming beautifully and certainly do help relieve the coronavirus stress of those passing by.

Tourist would of course be captivated by other key attractions in the Old City including the Pae Gate and the Three Kings Monument.

Meanwhile next door to Bangkok in Chonburi province Bang Saray beach in Sattahip district is again drawing  tourists after officials removed signs forbidding entry for over two months.

Holidaymakers are enjoying themselves resting on the beach and swimming in the sea but shops and beach chair rentals were only allowed to restart their business today June 5.

It is important to note that visitors are not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks to this beach and if caught doing so the police with take stern action.

Everyone is urged to strictly follow these rules so that we could all continue going there for a long time.

Aside from Bang Saray, three other good beaches in Sattahip are Nang Ram, Nang Rong and Sai Kaew.


Top: A masked couple walking down a Chiang Mai road recently.

Insert: The recently deserted Bang Saray beach is again attracting tourists. Photos:


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