Bang Pu has reopened! Head there to exercise and relax

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AFTER being closed for months to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Bang Pu Recreation Centre in Samut Prakarn has again reopened to the public for exercise and various recreational activities, reported.

Located just beyond the 37 km marker on Sukhumvit road, it is in fact the army’s rehabilitation and relaxation centre but members of the public can also enter and enjoy its beautiful scenery, said

On the site are some gardens, a restaurant and Sukta bridge, which is a decades old pier that extends long into the sea. Between the end of November and April, large numbers of seagulls flock to the area and the pier is a popular place to watch and feed them. There is also a nature walk which you can go on. Early evening is the best time to visit when it is cooler and you also get a beautiful sunset as you look out across the Gulf of Thailand.

However the Sukta bridge remains closed for now as it is feared the gathering of a lot of people there could lead to coronavirus spreading.

Drinkers who want to get together for a session on the lawn in front of the pier are also not allowed to do so because the operators of this beautiful centre still do not permit picnics and drinking on its grounds, again to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.

Nevertheless the popular Bangpoo Restaurant will be reopening on June 1, but guests have to abide by this recreation centre’s health measures plus go through the screening point and wear a face mask.

Bang Pu used to be a well-known recreation centre in the past because of its short distance from Bangkok. Young people loved to visit for enjoying the view, watching seagulls, eating seafood at Bangpoo Restaurant and ending their evening with a dance.

Nowadays, the usual evening dance is still there every Saturday. More seafood restaurants have opened for tourists who come to visit Bang Pu.

Towards the end of the year, Bang Pu becomes a place for birdwatching that attracts an overwhelming number of tourists of every generation. Apart from birdwatching, there is Bang Pu Nature Education Centre, where you can learn about mangroves.


Stunning sunset at Bang Pu Recreation Centre with seagulls flying around and roosting. Photos:

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