Red shirts hung in front of houses to chase away coronavirus

A VILLAGE In Nokhon Ratchasima (Korat) province adopted a colourful way to drive out the deadly coronavirus by hanging a red shirt in front of the house to scare it off, PostToday reported this morning (6.5.2020).

Most of the people at Nong Ya Khao village, Sam Phaniang subdstrict in Non Daeang district, enthusiastically agreed to hanging a red shirt in front of their homes because they believe it will dispel bad luck and chase away the Covid-19 virus similar to the cholera epidemic in the past.

They stressed that they do not lose anything by doing this with the action being based on their traditional belief that it would ensure the virus would not get close to the residents of the house causing them to fall sick and dying.

Upon seeing the first few houses hanging up red shirts, the others quickly followed suit to ward off the coronavirus jinx, seeing that it is harmless to do so and is a colourful activity.

However these villagers are not just relying on the red shirts to keep them safe and healthy, they are also following the medical advice and are wearing face masks and frequently washing their hands.


Red shirts hanging in front of houses in Nong Ya Khao village to keep the coronavirus away. Photos: PostToday


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