Stern warning after one Bangkok restaurant closed

AFTER shutting down one reckless restaurant in Bangkok for not heeding warnings to strictly follow the emergency measures, the government told other operators to be careful or they too could be closed, PostToday reported today (5.5.2020).

This warning came after the  government today reported one new coronavirus case and no additional deaths, bringing the total in Thailand to 2,988 infections and leaving the death toll at 54.

The single case marked a sharp decrease from the 18 recorded on Monday, and was the lowest daily number since March 9, Bangkok Post reported

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam also touched on the widely circulated photos of people milling around grabbing cases of beer on Sunday, the first day the lockdown was relaxed, saying the initial step is to issue a warning because these people have not really committed a serious offense as everyone is still adjusting to the new normal.


However the government has told all business operators, including shopping malls, to be careful because this sort of crowding is dangerous for the buyers, the sales staff and the mall itself.

The issue is whether officials can control the situation, if not sales could be stopped at certain places, or certain shops only with the others not affected, he said, adding however that if carelessness is widespread then the whole business could be shut down.

“It would be like all 17 malls being hit, or all six businesses being affected,” he said.

Mr  Wissanu explained that in the provinces if the governor orders the closure of a business establishment for not toeing the line, he could not later order the reopening with permission having to come from the central government. This is because the governor might not realize the bigger impact which the central authority is better clued on to.

Although government units consider issues related to the current lockdown everyday, the process spans 14 days because medically it takes that long for a person’s health to return to normal.

“If a shop does something wrong and the official team that goes in finds out, closure could either take place within three days or the very next morning.

“There is already a report of a local closure, a restaurant in Bangkok has shut down, the operator did not listen, but no problem,” the Deputy Premier said.


Top: A deserted street in Chinatown last month.

Insert: Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam. Photos: PostToday

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