Activist stages anti-lockdown demonstration at complaint centre

A POLITICAL activist staged a small demonstration at the centre to receive complaints over the 5,000 baht cash giveaway with a weeping elderly woman later joining in and airing her pressing problems amid the coronavirus lockdown, INN News reported today (5.5.2020)

Just as Mr Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, secretary of the Finance Minister, was about to leave the Public Relations Department after a tour of the complaint centre, Mr Ekachai Hongskangwan, a political activist, showed up and raised a placard which said, ” Reopen the city (people are) almost starving to death.”

Mr Thanakorn asked the activist to stay calm and not cause a confusion because the government is rushing to assist those in difficulty.

After that a distressed elderly woman wept as she showed some papers to the media to confirm that she had not received the 5,000 baht cash handout even though she had suffered from the Covid-19 measures.

Mr Thanakorn earlier said that the Finance Ministry is allowing people to submit a petition for a revision of their being disqualified for the 5,000 baht giveaway until May 8. After that payment will be processed to those who have qualified in this revision.

Regarding an appeal for the government to open another round to registration for the cash giveaway, Mr Thanakorn said he will raise this issue with Finance Minister but the latest total of the number of people already covered by this cash assistance is 16 million.

Top: Mr Ekachai raising a placard at the compliant centre this morning.

Below: The weeping elderly woman who did not qualify for the cash giveaway. Photos: INN News

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