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Brutal debt collectors slash man’s head over small loan

  A MAN who borrowed 5,000 baht from a loan shark for a female friend who had to repay it with 20 percent interest at 250 baht a day for 24 days was slashed on his head twice by debt collectors after she missed two instalments, TV Channel 7 said today (Mar. 13) The unidentified

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Fishermen free three giant whale sharks

By Peeranut P., Sanook.com A FISHERMAN and his crew from Satun province safely released three huge whale sharks that had got entangled in their fishing nets after which they quickly swam off into the open sea, Sanook.com reported yesterday (June 30). Mr Navin Manakitsomboon or Tai Ball, 37, steersman of Por Chok Praphon 1 trawler

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