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Chadchart tells protesting waste collectors to not hold public hostage


BANGKOK Governor Chadchart Sittipunt urged protesting rubbish collectors to not hold the public hostage by letting garbage pile up after many of them staged a demonstration at Lak Si district this morning (Nov. 20) , Matichon newspaper and TV Channel 7 said this afternoon.

More than 50 garbage truck drivers and collectors said they were dissatisfied with transfers being ordered without prior notice and alleged unfair recruitment. They chased out two sanitation chiefs during their rally.

Speaking after a meeting of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Executive Committee, Chadchart said the problem of garbage piling up occurred after the management ordered the transfer of some staff but when it came to implementation those affected opposed it and staged a protest with this slowing down work.

Chadchart added that someone has to be responsible when dissatisfied workers stop taking good care of the people.

“If you are not satisfied you can come and talk,” he said.

He added that he had personally visited the affected district and told the workers they cannot let trash pile up. “We listen to everyone. We respect everyone the same way. Everyone is important. We cannot hold people hostage.”

For now he is going to let the district chief sort out the problem, and if he succeeds in resolving the issue it would not be necessary for him to step in but if not he would do so.

“Change is normal. It is a change for the better of the people,” Chatchat said.

However Mr. Sittikarn (surname withheld), 37, a garbage truck driver, said the protest was held because last Saturday there was a meeting on work plans with drivers and their assistants transferred without prior notice.

Some were transferred to assist a different team with others moved to take up their duty and there were also transfers from morning to afternoon shift or afternoon to morning .

The important point is the new people are not familiar with the route and different alleys they have to go and collect the garbage, he pointed out.


Top: Trash collectors protesting at Lak Si district today, Nov. 20, 2023. Photo: TV Channel 7

Insert and Front Page: Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt talking to the press. Credit: Matichon

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