BMA: Thousands catching Covid in Bangkok everyday


BANGKOK Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said today (Apr. 22) that a post-Songkran festival Covid spike has led to the number of in-patients in the capital jumping from around 300-400 cases day to maximum 700 and if those who are infected but have not reported their condition to the monitoring system are added it is likely thousands are getting infected everyday, TV Channel 7 said.

However Dr. Wantanee Wattana, BMA’s deputy permanent secretary, urged the public to not panic because the new Omicron subvariant XBB. 1.16, which may cause conjunctivitis – red and itchy eyes, especially in babies and young children, has not started spreading with those who fall sick catching the previous variants.

She urged people at risk and those in the vulnerable groups, among whom are people over 60 years of age and those who have congenital diseases, to stay safe and if they have not been vaccinated for four to six months then they should get another jab.

BMA has an adequate stock of vaccines, including Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Long Acting Antibody (LAAB) for those suffering from immunodeficiency disorders. People can get a jab at all 69 public health centres every Friday afternoon, at 11 hospitals linked to the medical office and Vajira Hospital. Should they want to make an appointment they could do so via QueQ app.

Importantly, people should again adopt preventive measures, particularly wearing a face mask, keeping a distance from others and washing hands frequently.

Those in the risk group should only go out when necessary and wear both a surgical face mask with a cloth one on top, not touch their mask, face, nose, eyes and mouth when outdoors, wash their hands often, clean and disinfect various surfaces frequently, separate their personal belongings and not share them with others, eat freshly cooked food and make sure serving spoons are used.

Those who develop some symptoms should take an ATK test and if positive isolate themselves and work from home while also wearing a face mask at all times. If their condition worsens they should contact a doctor.

Should your condition not be severe no antiviral medicine is necessary just take ordinary medicine according to the symptoms and rest a lot. Stay isolated for five to seven days and then screen again to see if you have cleared the infection and if so return to work.

Dr. Wantanee added that BMA has enough medicine and sufficient hospital beds for Covid patients but most people currently infected are only lightly so but if they need advice they could contact a public health service centre and all Bangkok hospitals to get help.


Top: A representative image of the Omicron variant. Photo:

Front Page: A Thai man gives a peace sign while getting vaccinated. Photo: NNT

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