Minister keen on channelling natural rubber to sex toy market


IN an effort to boost the price of natural rubber, Agriculture Minister Chalermchai Sri-on said this commodity should be channelled to the production of sex toys and dolls which would draw additional income for the country, said today (Feb. 23).

Chalermchai, who is also the secretary-general of the Democrat Party, said “Made in Thailand” sex toys and dolls produced from the best natural rubber will raise the value of this commodity with these sex products not just being about pornography but “a matter of sexual health.”

In 2021 the global sex toy market was worth 1.3 trillion baht having grown 300 percent since 2016, he said, also estimating that it will increase to 2 trillion baht by 2030.

A change in the mindset about “Made in Thailand” sex toys will generate more income for rubber farmers and draw large revenues for the country.

Chalermchai added that he is ready to set up a rubber industrial estate, which would be akin to a “rubber valley”, to increase production in a systematic manner. It would be an economic tourist attraction while increasing natural rubber exports.

Natural rubber should be turned into all types of products to unlock income for Thai people, he added.


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