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Krabi local shares video clip of big gambling den


A KRABI RESIDENT secretly filmed a large gambling den in the middle of the town and posted the video clip on his personal Facebook page but later deleted it, Sanook.com said today (Oct. 24).

The video clip shows a large number of people, both men and women with young, middle-aged and old people among them, having fun gambling at a big house that has been converted into a casino with the citizen detective saying in his post that it belongs to a former politician but did not name this person.

It appears this big house is reachable by walking up a hill and within are many rooms for various forms of gambling including Hi-Lo and poker.

Although the video clip has now been deleted, gamblers in this southern coastal town said the casino did not belong to a politician but a local businessman who has been running it for a long time.

It is located in Krabi Yai district and everyday lots of people, both men and women, go there to gamble.


Punters enjoying themselves at a gambling den in the middle of Krabi town. The Thai headline says, “Oh! Krabi gambling den.” Photo: Sanook.com

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