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Businessman shot dead outside Khon Kaen Airport


A MOBILE PHONE businessman was shot dead on the road at the entrance of Khon Kaen Airport before dawn today (Oct. 9) after having driven there in his car to hold talks with two other men who had come in a separate car, Matichon newspaper said.

He was identified as Mr. Phanom Thipratanamongkol, 40, who ran a mobile phone business at Ton Tann market with his body taken to Srinakarin Hospital for an autopsy.

Police found him dead on the road after being shot twice and clutching a gold chain in one hand and a pendant in the other. Two bullet casings were also found nearby.

Eyewitnesses told police that at 5 a.m. this morning the businessman along with two other men had driven up in separate cars and parked by the roadside at the entrance of Khon Kaen Airport.

After talking for a while a gunshot rang out and the deceased ran for his life but his assailant chased him and fired another shot leading to his death about 200 metres away from the spot the discussion took place.

His attacker then drove away in his car.

Police said the killing could have stemmed from a personal or business matter and that they were tracking down the killer by going through surveillance camera clips recorded in this area.


The spot at the entrance of Khon Kaen Airport where the businessman was shot dead before dawn today. Photos: Matichon


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