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Cabinet members warned giving cash could land them in hot water

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

ALL MEMBERS OF CABINET have been cautioned to not hand out cash for free to anyone otherwise they might probably face vote-buying charges.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam today (Sept. 22) warned all ministers to refrain from giving money to anyone during their official visits anywhere as of upcoming Sunday until the date of the next general election.

Those who might hand out money for any reasons to anyone albeit in their capacity as members of cabinet could probably be charged with undue attempts to buy votes if they ever proclaim to run for MP in the next election, according to the deputy premier in charge of legal affairs.

“Cabinet members are advised to not give away money since they are wearing two hats, one by those who may be currently performing as ministers and the other by those who may as well be contesting the general election,” Wissanu said.

Those who may proclaim to contest the election are legally prohibited from handing out money to anyone either in overt or hidden fashion during a 180-day period prior to March 24, the date which the current term of the House of Representatives is scheduled to end.

Those politicians could possibly be accused of buying votes in violation of the law regardless of the amount of the money given away.

Many current ministers ranging from those who are concurrently performing as top leader of a party and members of a party’s executive board to those who are concurrently performing as elected legislators are largely expected to run for MP in the next race to parliament.


Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam. Top photo: Matichon Weekly, Front Page: INN News

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