Covid tally with ATK cases reaches over 15,000

THAILAND’S Covid tally of 8,019 cases this morning (May 12) climbs to 15,959 if the 7,940 people who tested positive via ATK are added to the total while the 59 fatalities raised the death toll of 29,255, Thansettakij newspaper said.

Assoc. Prof. Thira Woratanarat of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine cautioned that pandemic control is reflected in both the number of daily infections and fatalities and it is noteworthy that Thailand continues to rank among the top ten worldwide.

Thailand’s epidemic situation, according to Worldometer data this morning, yesterday the number of new infections, including ATK, was the 10th highest in the world and 4th in Asia, while the number of deaths yesterday the 8th highest in the world.

Although Thailand has adjusted the reporting system from May 1 onwards until the number of reported deaths has decreased, Thailand’s death toll yesterday accounted for 28.42 percent of all reported deaths in Asia, quoted him as saying.

Other Covid figures Assoc. Prof. Thira revealed in his Facebook page are as follows:

– Today’s total  of 1,353 pneumonia cases is a decrease of 17.39 percent from 1,638 logged last week;

– The total of 673 intubation patients today is a drop of 13.27 percent from 776 last week;

– The daily 7,940 ATK cases is a decrease of 13.81 percent from last week and 38.22 percent from two weeks ago;

– Currently 171 medical personnel are infected, 41 male and 130 female.

Assoc. Prof. Thira cautioned that it is very important to wear a face mask because it is the last defence but in doing so people have to make sure their mouth and nose are covered properly and it does not slip off.

If it does not fit properly then either the type must be changed or how it is worn.

The face mask should be close to the face and if there is a groove next to the cheek and nose the wearer should press it down tightly.


Top: Covid-19 illustration. Image: Thansettakij 

Home Page: Assoc.  Prof. Thira Woratanarat. Photo: Matichon

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