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Silpakorn varsity president persuaded to resign over air hostess photos

THE President of Silpakorn University who was heavily criticised for sharing photos of air hostesses of various airlines as they worked on his personal Facebook page resigned today (May 2) after being persuaded to do so, Matichon newspaper said.

Informed sources said Asst. Prof. Chaicharn Thavaravej, this university’s president, was urged to step down before a University Council meeting on May 9 because some of those participating did not want a resolution to be adopted on this issue with focus then solely being in appointing an acting president.

The council had received a letter from Silpakorn Community for Democracy Group on April 28 accusing Chaicharn of posting inappropriate photos and messages on social media that had attracted public attention.

This prompted the council to ask Chaicharn to submit a letter explaining this issue and also schedule a meeting on May 9 to discuss it.

Chainan had earlier posted a message on his Facebook page explaining that his photos of air hostesses as they worked did not cause any damage and were not intended to be sexually harassing or malicious in anyway.

“This is a case of misunderstanding. But if society sees this to be bad I will be more careful. I personally thank those who criticised me, it’s like a teacher teaching a lesson on what to do next, will be more careful.”

It was reported that he had later deleted these photos.


Asst Prof. Chaicharn Thavaravej and a university notice on this issue. Photo: Matichon

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