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Tangmo Nida’s mum says promised millions not delivered


THE MOTHER of  actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida, who drowned in Chao Phraya river during a speedboat trip last month, said at a video press conference today (Mar. 22) that she did not receive a single baht from two of her daughter’s friends who had promised to give her 30 million baht and it is now for the courts to decide the compensation, Sanook.com said.

Mr. Tanupat Lerttaweewit, or Hi So Por, and Mr. Phiboon Trikanjananun, or Robert or Bird, two of five friends who were with the late actress when she fell into the river, with the former being the owner of the speedboat while the latter the skipper, had asked for her mother, Mrs. Panida Siriyuthyothin, to forgive them and promised to give her this large compensation.

Panida said she had not heard from them since they were ordained as yogis even though Tanupat had said he would confess everything after doing so.

Speaking at the office of her lawyer, Mr. Decha Kittiwitthayanan, she also ruled out transferring the case from Mueang Nonthaburi police station to the Department of Special Investigation as petitioned by former senator Ms. Rossana Tositrakul and Mr. Nitithorn Lumluea, or Nok Khao, a lawyer who deals with human rights cases and unfair use of power by government agencies.

She said she had confidence in the police team handling the case who had now concluded it with National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk having told her there was no need for other units to get involved.

Meanwhile MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon today revealed that he had obtained a surveillance camera clip from Bang Kruai municipality showing a dark shadow, that could be an object or a swimmer, in area of the river Tangmo Nida drowned from 9.35 p.m. to 9.57 p.m.

A boat approached the shadowy figure or object as if to have a look but did not help the possible swimmer and just went away.

Panida pointed out that a lot of time had passed since her daughter drowned and asked whether the MP had any other evidence to support this new claim.

She added that if it was true then it was very sad no one helped her while also asking whether Tangmo Nida, who was wounded and had drunk some wine, would have been able to swim for 30 minutes.


Top: Tangmo Nida and her mother. Photo: Matichon

Home Page: A screengrab from a surveillance camera clip showing a swimmer or an object in the river where the late actress drowned. Photo: Sanook.com

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