Extra House panel to study Thailand’s first-ever casino project


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES today (Dec. 2) set up an extraordinary House committee to study a long-awaited launch of Thailand’s first-ever casino and entertainment complex project.

The MPs cast an overwhelming 310:9 vote to approve the setting up of the 60-member extraordinary panel to study the casino and entertainment complex project which could practically be the country’s first one ever endorsed by law.

Results of the extraordinary House committee’s study on the issue would be forwarded to the government for consideration in due course.

Some legislators proposed the Thai capital as the site of the casino and entertainment complex project while others  recommended Pattaya, Koh Samui island and elsewhere in the provinces.

Most agreed that foreign tourists will be primary targeted customers who could probably bring hundreds of billions of baht to the planned casino and entertainment complex in a year whereas all Thai adolescents aged under 20 years will be strictly kept out.

Some proposed that a Thai national earning no less than 50,000 baht monthly be allowed to the casino project while others advised that each Thai national have deposited a minimum of one million baht in bank account if they wish to visit it.

Most spoke in support of plans and schemes for the government to finance varied social and economic stimulus measures with the revenue from the casino and entertainment complex.

Most outstanding among the extra House panel’s members is MP Chatchawan Khong-udom, better known as Chat Taopoon, leader of Thai Local Power Party. Chat is largely known to have earlier run a casino of his own in Bang Sue area of Bangkok where police had conducted numerous raids, albeit without his having been brought to justice.


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