Youth posts sarcastic message after Covid jabs triggered hair loss

A 19-YEAR-OLD youth posted a sarcastic message that after getting two Covid jabs he did not die but instead lost almost all the hair on his head for which 400,000 baht compensation is not enough should be one million baht, said this evening (Nov. 17).

The youth, Mr. Badin (surname withheld), said he is healthy with no history of allergy to any drugs. When he got his first Sinovac jab on June 25 nothing happened but after one to two weeks of his second jab on July 16 his hair started falling.

Initially he found some strands on his pillow but gradually more started to fall out leading to patches all over his head so he decided to become a skinhead although he previously had a full head of hair like any normal youth.

Badin added that he is currently undergoing treatment at a clinic in Phuket with the doctor confirming that his abnormal hair loss was due to Covid vaccination.

Dr. Chinmanat Lekwat, assistant director for research at the Institute of Dermatology, said hair loss can occur after vaccination with the stimulus triggering this effect. However this is not related to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) an autoimmune disease that can lead to hair falling.


Badin after losing his hair and now a skinhead. Thai headlines, “Turned bald after vaccination.” Photos:


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