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Water main break scares Chonburi shopkeepers


THERE was panic in Chonburi this morning (Nov. 9) after a large water main break on Sukhumvit road heading for Pattaya sent jets of water shooting five metres high then flooding shops at the adjacent market, Amarin TV said.

Several netizens shared video clips of the scary break that occurred at 7.30 a.m. near Tao Than Thong Thip market in Sattahip district prompting merchants and their staff to quickly gather their belongings and escape from the watery chaos.

However after repair was completed and cleaning done, it was found that no significant damage had occurred.

A resident said he heard a loud noise and then saw water shooting up four to five metres high so he quickly ran away.

He later glanced back and saw that it was a large main that had broken with water gushing into nearby shops.

Sattahip Waterworks quickly sent a repair crew who said the main was damaged by construction work to expand Sukhumvit road.


Powerful jets of water from the main break drenching shops and cars passing by. The Thai headline says, “Water main break.” Photo: Amarin TV


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