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Motorists told to avoid Krung Thon bridge amid heavy flooding


WITH many places in Bangkok and Samut Prakan flooded today (Nov. 8) after Chao Phraya River overflowed amid a high tide, the latest alert is for motorists to avoid Krung Thon bridge and use Rama 8 or Rama 7 bridges instead, Siam Rath newspaper said.

Motorists on both sides of the river were told to steer clear of this bridge and use the other two even though the river water overflowed the embankment on the Thonburi side.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration told waterfront communities to remain vigilant with the flooding stemming from the high tide being the heaviest this year.

The Drainage and Sewerage Department said 11 communities in seven districts totalling 239 households have to remain on high alert.

Mr. Sansern Ruengrit, an official at this department, said in a Facebook post, “Today the sea level was forecast to be a centimetre higher than yesterday but it was measured at 32 centimetres higher!! This breaks the record for this year.

“Areas outside the embankment or where the barrier is not complete may be affected, there will be flooding, water leaking in and overflowing.”

Many places in Bangkok and its vicinity, such as Samut Prakan, were flooded from the high tide. Ruamkatanyu Foundation’s office at Lotus Rama 3 road said in a post that this morning as the Chao Phraya river rose high and overflowed its banks Charoenkrung and Rama 3 roads got flooded.

The foundation urged motorists to drive carefully while warning those who live by the river to be extra careful as poisonous animals usually come with the floodwater.

Meanwhile Muang Prakan V2 news site said in a Facebook post that the flooding was heavy this morning with Wat Mahawong Pak Nam inundated and it had also started to rain again.

The sea water had also flooded Sukhumvit road in front of the Royal Thai Naval Academy and if it is not necessary to avoid the bad traffic snarls in this area, the news site warned.


Flood woes in Bangkok and Samut Prakan. Photos courtesy of Muang Prakan V2 news site, Banthow Prakan 7 and Ruamkatanyu Foundation office at Lotus Rama 3 and published by Siam Rath

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