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Govt Centre security guards go on strike over unpaid wages

OFFICIALS and the general public who went to Building B at the Government Centre in Chaengwattana this morning (Nov. 2) were surprised to see that there were no security guards at most gates and only one present at a few with the rest having all joined a strike over late salary payment, Amarin TV said.

Most of them were able to pass through the four entrances on the first and second floor without anyone checking their papers or maintaining Covid prevention measures.

One of the security guards said only four of them had come to work out of 40 normally manning Building B with the same applying to Building A where a team from the same company worked with the rest having gone on leave. They were all working on a two-year contract.

However an Immigration police officer said he found out that the security guards had not shown up because they were not paid their salary, which is 500 baht a day, yesterday and they would probably not get paid at all this month.

However, the security guards who came to work said they were paid half a month’s salary yesterday. Moreover this company had not sent the deduction from their salary to the Social Security Fund and when any of them got infected with coronavirus they had to fend for themselves without any assistance from their employee.

These security guards are employed by Treasury Asset Co., Ltd. which has a contract with the Finance Ministry from May 1, 2020, to April 30, 2022.


Top and Home Page: The Government Centre’s Building B where there were only four guards on duty today. Photos: Amarin TV



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