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Man falls from building while escaping from lover’s husband


A MAN fell off the third floor of an apartment building in Chonburi this morning (Oct. 28) and got seriously injured after being caught by his lover’s husband in their flat when the latter unexpectedly returned early from work upon being given a second Covid jab, Amarin TV said 

Chonburi police were alerted of a man being badly injured at Bypass Mansion after falling off the third floor and a team quickly rushed there together with rescuers from Trai Khunnatham Foundation.

On the courtyard they found Mr. Taewin Lim, 28, crying and moaning with his left leg broken and unable to move his hips. Rescuers tried to put a split but he could not cope with the pain so they rushed him to Vibharam Amata Nakhon Hospital and gave him first aid during the ride there. 

Accompanying them was his lover Ms. Jeab (assumed name) who was deeply concerned about his injury.

Meanwhile Jiab’s husband Mr. Chaweng, 32, told police that he worked for a company at Amata City industrial estate and had rented this flat together with his wife of seven years. This morning he went to work as usual but the company arranged for the staff to get their second jab. 

Upon being inoculated he returned home and found the injured man with his wife without his pants on. He told him to go to the balcony so that he could sort things out with his wife, who then borrowed a pair of his pants and his crash helmet to give to her lover.

After a while he heard a loud sound of someone falling.

He added that he is going to file a complaint with police against Taewin for trespassing and also file for a divorce from his wife with whom he did not have any children.

He also underscored that he did not injure Taewin in any way.

Miss Arunee Sunawong, 40, Bypass Mansion’s juristic person, said everything must be done according to the law and the flat’s tenant rightfully should report the injured man for trespassing and also collect evidence for divorce.


The injured man being taken to the hospital. Photo: Amarin TV

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