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Hundreds of motorcycles damaged in severe flooding at Bang Pu Industrial Estate 


ALTHOUGH floodwater at Bang Pu Industrial Estate in Samut Prakan province had started receding today (Aug. 30) after hours of rain led to a major inundation yesterday, flooding was still waist high at some points while hundreds of motorcycles parked there have been damaged, Sanook.com said.

As the floodwater had dropped somewhat this morning, employees flocked in and waited for military vehicles to take them in to collect their belongings, particularly their motorcycles which they had left there during the height of floods.

However most of them had been submerged for a long time and could not start and now have to be taken to the repair shop.

Even company cars and vans parked at this industrial estate had got flooded but most of the factories were not damaged by the floods.

Police were on hand to help to take care of the traffic flow and it is expected that if it does not rain heavily again the floodwater will drain out quickly.

Ms. Rasrin Phiriyaaknithi, a human resources employee at Greatland Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. which runs a factory making USB cables at this industrial estate, said while the factory was not flooded, the floodwater at the entrance was very high yesterday and workers were not able to come in to work.

Today they managed to reach the factory by company shuttle vans.

Although the cables were not damaged, the damage is the delay in making deliveries to customers, she said, adding that she has been working here for a long time and this is the worst floods she has seen.

An employee of Delta Electronics Thailand Plc said he got a lift in a truck to come in and rescue his motorbike which similar to other employees he had to leave behind yesterday.

The company has not yet notified employees to return to work and he is worried because without work he would not have income.


Hundreds of motorcycles and scores of company vehicles were damaged after Bang Pu Industrial Estate got badly flooded. Thai headline in top photo says, “hundreds submerged.” Photos: Sanook.com


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