Hundreds of migrant workers flee camp in Nonthaburi

A SECURITY guard at a construction workers camp in Nonthaburi said today (June 27) that hundreds of migrants workers had last night climbed over the fence and escaped the month-long lockdown of all such camps in Bangkok and four neighbouring provinces to prevent the spread of coronavirus starting tomorrow, said.

Mr Ek, who is a guard at the camp opposite Major Hollywood movie complex that houses 1,700 workers building the MRT Pink Line train project, said when he came to work this morning the night shift guards told him several hundred workers escaped from the camp the previous night.

He added that he had been briefed by his supervisor and project manager to control the camp and not let migrant workers flee and his team is now helping security officers to ensure no more do so.

Meanwhile Pak Kret district chief Mr. Somyot Wichakon instructed his deputy, Mr. Sujet Boonyaphak, to take policemen and soldiers to surround another camp at Eua Athon village near Pak Kret intersection. 

As they were doing so they found a lot of migrant workers had already left the camp with all their belongings with many having got onto pickup trucks to go home.

They were given an explanation and told to go back to the camp.

After that they surrounded the camp opposite the Major Hollywood movie complex where likewise lots of migrant workers had come out and were getting ready to go home.

The security team checked their papers and found that most of them had recovered from coronavirus but were going through a quarantine period and they were all sent back to the camp.

The deputy district chief said the security team had stopped migrant workers from escaping from the camps and going home and would ask the foremen and project owners of all camps under their jurisdiction to ensure they stay in their camps.

Legal action will be taken against those in charge of camps where the number of workers falls short of the total registered, he added.


Workers escaping their construction camps as they try to go home today.  Photos: Ejan and

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