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Family searches for owner of vehicle left overturned at fence for months


A YOUNG Man posted an online message that he is looking for the owner of a pickup truck that has remained overturned at the fence of his relative’s house for months now after zooming across and turning turtle, Sanook.com said today (June 20).

Writing on a Facebook page under the name Bird Klong Yai, the young man said the pickup truck  had turned upside down with the wheels pointing skywards after flying across the fence of his relative’s house months ago but there is no trace of the owner. He urged netizens to help find this person.

He added that upon his second visit to his uncle’s house he saw that the overturned pickup truck remained stationary at the same spot in his house, which prompted him to ask for help from social media in sharing photos of this vehicle so that the owner comes and moves it.

“If the owner sees his vehicle please take responsibility, the house owner can’t do anything, he is afraid to walk past the vehicle as it might slide down. The location is Wat Sanphet, Sampran district, Yai Cha subdistrict, Nakhon Pathom province.

“Very confused, how could the owner just walk away, he was not injured but fled the scene of the accident,” he wrote.

Sampran police station said they called the owner of the vehicle in for questioning and found out that the driver was her husband but he had failed to pay the loan installment.

On the day of the accident he was chased by another vehicle and the two vehicles had crashed before he landed upside down at this house. The other party had quickly fled the scene.

The house owner has now filed a police report at this station.


The pickup that has remained upside down at this house for months now. Photos: Sanook.com

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