Centre debunks fake news on Covid jab’s impact on dentistry

THE ANTI-FAKE News Centre this morning (June 17) urged the public not to believe a warning spreading online for those who have got a Covid jab to avoid dentistry for a month pointing out that this is not true, Siam Rath newspaper said.

The centre checked with the Public Health Ministry’s Medical Department that said it is not true that anesthetics in dental treatment can lead to newly-vaccinated individuals dying.

A dentist at the Institute of Dentistry provided additional information, saying two forms of anesthetics are used here – injectable and gel type. These are used to anesthetize the area to be treated and relieve pain after treatment and does not affect immunity both before and after vaccination against Covid-19 in the right and correct amount.

However treatment for non-urgent procedures should be done two to three days before or after the Covid jab but not more than a week.

The public is urged to not believe such information nor share it. Additional information can be obtained at or by calling 02 5906000.

Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry said early this morning that there were 3,129 coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours and 30 fatalities, taking the death toll in the current wave that started in April to 1,461 and 1,555 since the start of the pandemic last year.

Of the new batch of cases, 2,672 appeared among the general public and 457 in prisons and detention centres. Meanwhile another 4,651 patients have been cured.

The cumulative confirmed total in the current wave has reached 178,861 cases and since the start of the pandemic 207,724.


Top: A young boy whose name is Nels points to a tooth that is aching with the photo taken by his sister Sophie. Photo shared by Kelly (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Home Page: Another Thai getting a Covid jab. Photo: Siam Rath



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