Phetchaburi people announce ‘sale of their Governor’ 

A JOURNALIST in Phetchaburi province posted a message on his Facebook page today (June 1) saying, “Urgent! Announcing the sale of the Governor of Phetchaburi province” but then quickly deleted it, said this evening.

However his deleted post attracted posts from other residents of this province saying, “Announcing auction of Phetchaburi province (Free Thai custard pudding).” 

This led to lots of comments especially about delay in resolving problems leading to this province having a large cluster of Covid-19 cases similar to previously in Phuket.The governor had been suddenly transferred from Phuket to this province in April last year after Covid cases spiked on the island

Mr. Phakaphong Tavipatana, Phetchaburi’s governor, was informed of the matter and assigned representatives to talk to and build an understanding with this journalist with this later leading to the post being deleted. 

The Governor confirmed that he has been working hard to solve the Covid-19 pandemic but this might not have pleased everyone. 

He added that he is not thinking too much about all this at all.

In his deleted post the journalist had said:

“Due to the economic crisis in Phetchaburi province that has been caused by the spread of Covid at factories in Khao Yoi (district).

 “In order the maintain economic balance in Phetchaburi province, because the Governor is a representative of the people, I as a citizen reluctantly like to be an agent in announcing the sale of the governor with the income to be distributed among Phetchaburi’s parents, brothers and sisters in order to  preserve their benefits.

“Guaranteed genuine, easy to follow (please ignore inappropriate comments).”


Phetchaburi Governor Mr. Phakaphong Tavipatana. Thai headline says, “Governor for sale with Thai custard pudding as free gift.” Photo:


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