Daily Covid count rises to 2,112, two blocks of flats in Din Daeng closed

AMID a continuing high daily coronavirus count with it reaching 2,112 this morning (May 5), and there being 15 more fatalities, the infection is now spreading heavily in Din Daeng area with two blocks of flats shut, Amarin TV said

The new cases raise the cumulative confirmed total to 74,900 while the total death toll has now reached 318. In the current wave of infection that started last month 224 people have died, Siam Rath Newspaper said.

Mrs. Thanawadee Namsrinuan, head of Public Health Volunteers in Din Daeng district told Amarin TV’s Coverage programme that there are currently 280 Covid-19 cases in this district and infection has spread in various communities.

These include a block of flats in front of the Thai-Japanese Stadium, another behind it and two blocks behind Din Daeng police station.

“So far, we have found more than 10 infected people living in the Chor.1-2 flats and they have been closed, with this including the Huay Kwang market area,” said Mrs. Thanawadee.

The pattern of infection in Din Daeng residential area is different from the Klong Toey community because it is occurring only in some blocks of flats and affects a few units, she said, adding that the problem blocks are Chor 1-2 and they have been closed.

However the government was urged to quickly take proactive measures to help the people in this area because only those with social security rights had been screened with many still to undergo the procedure.

Mrs Thanawadee pointed to another problem and that is being careful. Some residents are not cooperating and do not wear face masks. Some elderly people still go shopping at the Din Daeng morning market where some female vendors do not wear face masks.

In the past no agencies had come in despite the volunteers notifying them. The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has been contacted to find a bed for some patients but there is a long wait because hospitals do not have free beds nor are there enough ambulances. Some patients have to wait many days.

“If you want to stop Covid from spreading you have to immediately take the patient (for treatment), without them having to wait, some people have to wait a week.The patient is in a bad state and the family as well,” she said.

Meanwhile both the Din Daeng district office and the Huay Kwang fresh market have been closed with the latter for seven days during (May 3-9). This occurred after two market employees got infected and entry and exit is strictly prohibited with cleaning and disinfection being done on May 6. Around 200-300 at risk people will be undergoing tests.


Top: Bangkok one afternoon. Photo: Byte Rider (CC BY-SA 2.0) 

Home Page: An official in protective gear spraying disinfectant in Bangkok. Thai headline says, “Covid spreading heavily in Din Daeng.” Photo: Amarin TV

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