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Penguin hit with another charge for announcing fast at court

PEOPLE’S  Party leader Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, has been slapped with another charge with this being violating the jurisdiction of the court for announcing a hunger strike in the courtroom after bail was rejected, Thai Rath newspaper said this afternoon (March 20, 2021).

Penguin, who is being detained on charges of violating Section 112 of the Criminal  Code, known as the lese majeste law, will be going to court on Monday March 22 to hear the new charge of misconduct in court for reading a statement announcing his protest fast last Monday March 15.

Meanwhile Mr Thawatchai Chaiwat, deputy director-general for administration of the Department of Corrections, said yesterday that Penguin has refused to eat any food since March 15 and has only been drinking sweetened beverages, milk and ovaltine, Voice TV said.

A health check on March 18 showed that Penguin’s blood pressure, plus rate, body temperature and blood sugar level were in a normal range. He was mildly fatigued but could sleep and though able to perform normal daily activities it was with some exhaustion.


Top and Home Page: Penguin giving the three-finger salute recently. Photos: Thai Rath



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