Five Bangkok Michelin chefs honoured

By Itthi CT special to ThaiNewsroom

KING in the kitchen but at home, the misses rules, concedes Chef Supaksorn ‘Ice” Jongsiri of Sorn, Bangkok’s two- Michelin star Thai restaurant.

“For my favourite comfort food stor beans fried with shrimp paste over rice, I have to get it outside the house. The strong smell will draw fire from her,” he reveals at the awards ceremony honouring five Bangkok-based Michelin chefs.

Famed for his Southern Thai kitchen, Ice was among those awarded by 25 Top Restaurants and Travel Index, renowned hospitality global bodies.

Just 38, Ice opened Sorn six years ago at Sukhumvit 26. It was an instant success because of its authenticity. Proud of his native Nakhon Sri Thammarat origins, he delivers freshly prepared tasty dishes for hungry gourmets.

Many of Ice’s top dishes are fish and other seafood from the sea. The only freshwater item is prawns bred inland.

“It was during my student days in Boston when working at restaurants to help pay my way through college that I acquired professional cooking skills.”

Another two- Michelin star chef Ryuki Kawasaki is also proud of his Niigata roots.

He admits being a student of legendary Paul Bocuse in Lyon was a true honour and shared his career.

Considered France’s greatest chef, Bocuse was loved by all. “He was a tall, imposing figure but he was also very humble and very human,” Ryuku recalls.

Bocuse is known to personally walk the markets to shop for items for his kitchen. He was also proud of his role as a resistance fighter during the occupation of France and was almost killed when shot in the war.

Bocuse’s frank manner rubs off Ryuki who expresses freely.

He is not shy to voice his opinion. “Spaghetti in France is shit,” he spouts in colourful French.

Ryuki heads Mezzaluna at Lebua, and says one of the reasons for its success is the leeway given to chefs to manage their operations.

Providing the perfect venue for the awards ceremony was Chef Henk Savelberg of Savelberg at Oriental Residence.

Michelin-star Savelberg is renowned for its superb kitchen and stately elegant ambience. From the Hague, Henk is proud of his Netherlands ancestry as well as the country’s kitchen’s influence by its former colony Indonesia.

“When I return home. I always indulge in Indoesian cuisine. My favourite is satay,” he laughs.

Another winner is Chef Vincent Thierry of Chef’s Table at Lebua. Vincent is equally outspoken about the importance of quality and value.

He debunks the myth that butter is bad. French cooking uses butter for everything, he notes but heart diseases among the populace is among the lowest in the world.

French staple foie gras consumed for centuries by the populace is not only safe but very delicious, he notes.

“In dining, moderation is the key,” Vincent says.

“Too much of anything can be harmful.”

His years at Four Seasons Paris’ Caprice were one of the highpoints of his career.

Among the guests he served were Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Gerard Depardieu, Mick Jagger and Jacques Chirac.

“It was always full of stars and world leaders,” he recalls.

Arnaud Dunand Sauthier, chef of Le Normandie was also honoured.

“We have been fortunate because of loyal customers living here. Local customers have helped a lot,” says Arnaud who has been running the two- Michelin star outlet for a decade.

“It has been difficult for hospitality businesses the past year and this year.”

Arnaud says he is looking to the future “when travel is possible again.”

The Awards were presented by Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Deputy-Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


Top: Bangkok’s Michelin chefs honoured by Top 25 Restaurants and Travel Index. From left are Henk Savelberg of Savelberg; Ryuki Kawasaki of Mezzaluna; Vincent Thierry of Chef’s Table; Arnaud Dunand Sauthier of Le Normandie and Supaksorn Jongsiri of Sorn.

Home Page: Chef Supaksorn “Ice” of Sorn restaurant is the boss in the kitchen but at home, the wife rules.

Below: Chef Henk Savelberg cooks the perfect lunch for his fellow winning cooks and organisers of Top 25 Restaurants and Travel Index.



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