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Woman appeals for help after losing paint worth 300,000 baht

A WOMAN who is a paint distributor for a company in Bangna area went to Damrongtham Centre today (March 3) to appeal for help after several cans of paint worth 300,000 baht disappeared when the truck delivering them had an accident and they all tumbled on to the road with several passers-by then grabbing and making off with them,Sanook.com report said.

Ms Nattida, 25, told the head of this centre  Mr. Thanakorn Homchun, that on Feb 20 a male driver drove her vehicle to pick up the paint from the company in Bangna for delivery to a customer in Suphanburi.

However, along the way in Nonthaburi area he had to suddenly swerve to avoid hitting a person crossing the road causing the vehicle to overturn and the cans of paint tumble out. The driver was slightly injured in the leg.

A policeman then showed up and ordered that the vehicle be towed to the police station with the undamaged cans of paint stacked up neatly by the roadside.

But when Nattida reached the site of the accident to pick up the paint, she found that they had all disappeared. People nearby said after the accident several cars, pickup trucks and motorcycles stopped there and the drivers cooling took two to three cans each and disappeared.

Nattida said she posted information about the theft online just in case other passers-by who had a video camera in the vehicle might have clips of people stealing her paint but did not get a reply.

Damrongtham Centre’s head Thanakorn said he would go to police to chase up this case with those who took the paint clearly being thieves.


Top and Home Page: The site of the accident from where lots of paint was stolen. Thai headline says, “Exacerbating the accident.” Photos: Sanook.com

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