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PM slams press for one-sided coverage of protest march

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha this afternoon (March 1) criticised the media for one-sidedly focusing on police using violence against protesters who marched from the Victory Monument to the 1st Infantry Regiment compound where his residence is located last evening and not on the conduct of the other side at this violent gathering, Sanook.com said.

Gen. Prayut pointed out that the protesters had raided police and restricted zones and also attacked policemen. Police took countermeasures according to international principles and if they had not done so how would it be possible for everyone to live in this country.

He added that no matter what type of democracy there has to be laws to protect rights. If issues reach the court then that is another matter. Therefore if protesters violate the law then officers have to take action.

He urged the public to sympathise with the police because they work hard and also had to ensure violence and policemen too were wounded.

Several media outlets have photographed police shooting rubber bullets in the direction of protesters, he said, adding that according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights rules on using rubber ammunition they can only be used against those who harass police and these bullets must be aimed at the lower abdomen and legs.

Gen Prayut pointed out that he mentioned this because netizens were wondering whether the dissolution of yesterday’s gathering was in keeping with international regulations.


Top: A composite photo with Prime Minister Prayut, left, and and a policeman, right. Left photo: Sanook.com, right photo: Jack Tayor / AFP and published by INN News



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