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China’s clandestine economic warfare revealed

Financial warfare involves the deliberate efforts of weakening the financial system underlying the domestic economy of a target country.

In today’s realm, national security embodies far more than physical borders and is far less straightforward than eyeing the perimeter for invaders. National security has become much more complicated, multifaceted, and can easily be compromised via nefarious infiltration of capital markets or clandestine activities aimed at disrupting critical components of a financial system.

“Treatise on China’s Clandestine Financial Warfare” is about financial weapons of war, their growing importance in China’s national affairs, and the wide-ranging clandestine use of these weapons by the CCP with the support of the Chinese intelligence community.

This book offers an early, broad examination of the realities of modern financial warfare as waged by China, both from a doctrinal, legal, and cultural perspective.

It also describes in detail the various Chinese actors that are part of the Chinese intelligence community: the MSS, MPS, PLA JSD, PAP, CSB, United Front Work, Political Work Dept. , Ministries of Foreign Affairs/ Commerce/ Education, SOEs, Universities, Confucius Institutes, Xinhua, CGTN, etc.

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