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China labels Australia ‘racist’ after UN review

China has launched an assault on Thailand’s trade partner, Australia, at the United Nations, accusing it of racism, human rights hypocrisy and making false accusations.

Australia’s human rights performance was up for review at the UN this week.

Its scorecard was … mixed.











As a signatory to the convention, Canberra agrees to be assessed by its international forum peers. The hearing noted the continued lack of progress in improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ lives – whether it be incarceration rates or recognition of their rights.

As a result, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Mexico have led a group of 31 nations calling on Australia to lift the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14.

Canberra acknowledged the “need to do better”, stating “challenges remain” before its “Closing the Gap” policies would produce observable results.

Beijing, however, senses an opening.

How can Canberra berate Beijing for repressing its Uighur ethnic minority when it treats its own people this way?

But there is more.

It accuses Australia of racism.

“Longstanding racism could lead to another ‘Floyd tragedy’.”

It accuses Australia of false allegations.

“Accusations over China’s issues including that of Xinjiang and Hong Kong are solely for political purposes.”

It accuses Australia of hypocrisy.

“It has turned blind to its home problems and doesn’t really care about human rights … This is not just a social but systematic problem,” the Global Times declared.


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