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Actor slams minister’s spacecraft to the moon plan

A MINISTER’S projection that within seven years Thailand will be able to send a spacecraft to orbit the moon was heavily criticised today (Dec.15) with one of the detractors being popular singer and actor Pharunyoo “Tack” Rojanawuthitham who pointed out that this would be a very improper use of national budget which should first be channeled to other projects, Sanook.com reported.

In his comment accompanying a photo of the moon posted on Instagram today, Tack asked, “Before going to the moon do you want to complete Rama 2 road first? … Why don’t we use that budget to develop various other essential schemes?”

These harsh comments both in and outside the online world came after Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Anek Laothamatas said at Chulalongkorn University Conference Hall yesterday that within seven years Thailand will be able to produce a spacecraft and send it to orbit the moon.

“Thailand will soon become the fifth nation in Asia that will be able to produce spacecraft and send it to orbit the moon. 

“This is expected to take no more than seven years and there may be requests for cooperation and support from the public in raising funds. It is believed that these things will change the way Thai people think. That Thailand is no longer an underdeveloped country, we are a country with a future, opportunity and hope,” he had said.

Another critic is Thai Civilized Party MP Mr. Mongkolkit. Suksintharanon who asked whether the money to build the spacecraft would have to be borrowed.


Top: Singer and actor Tack who blasted the moon plan, left, and an image of the moon, right. Thai headline says, “Complete Rama 2 road first.” Photo: Sanook.com


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