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Sleeping child unharmed after cobra gets stuck on a glue trap 

BEING WIDELY shared on Thai social media today (Nov. 15) is the story of a young mother who was shocked to find a cobra stuck on a glue trap just a metre away from her sleeping son, Sanook.com reported.

This narrow escape by the small sleeping boy was related on the Facebook page By Kim Official with the mother saying that the snake had slithered into the house one recent night when it was raining, and instead of reaching her son, got stuck in the glue trap she had placed nearby to catch rats.

The young woman said she was about to throw the glue trap away because no rats had got stuck on it, and it was fortunate that she did not because it snared the dangerous cobra which was surely trying to get to the bed where her son was sleeping.

By the time she found the cobra, it had died, and she prayed asking for its forgiveness for having died in her house as she did not want to create bad karma, but it was necessary to save her son’s life.


Top: A composite image showing a cobra and the sleeping boy. Photo: Sanook.com

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