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Protesters hit 24 police vehicles, 2 buses

THE DRAWN-OUT protest at Sanam Luang yesterday led to three protesters and a policeman being injured while 24 police vehicles either had their tyres deflated or glass broken, INN News reported this evening (Nov. 9).

According to the Erawan Centre two protesters suffered cuts from entanglement with barbed wire while one developed pain after being hit with high-pressure water cannons. A fourth protester developed high fever but it was not known whether this was linked to the protest or not but all have now been discharged from hospital.

Meanwhile one police officer had to get three stitches for a wound he suffered after a bottle was thrown at him but he too has now returned home.

As many as 24 police vehicles were hit by the protesters who either deflated the tyres or smashed the glass windshields and windows, or both.

They had also smashed the windshields, dented the bonnets and scratched the bodies of two buses. 

Moreover metal fence and barriers at Sanam Luang ground were also damaged and police have coordinated with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to inspect the damage and consider legal steps.

Police explained that they had acted in accordance with the peacekeeping plan and the Public Assembly Act and had to take action after the protesters had dismantled the barricade and used force to cross the police barrier to enter the strictly prohibited area.

Before spraying water police had periodically warned the protesters to stop their action but when they did not do so they fired the water cannons but this was aimed high up and not directly at the protesters.


The damaged wrought by the protesters yesterday and the cleaning up today. Photos: INN News


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