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Rally held at Ayutthaya station where student was assaulted

THE People Party followers in Ayutthaya city held a demonstration at the station last evening (Oct. 28) and all sat down when the national anthem was played at 6 p.m. in show of support for a girl student who was assaulted by a vendor for not standing up straight when it was played the previous evening, Amarin TV reported this morning.

The students and general public held a series of activities at the station with speeches given to stress that there must not be violence against people who think differently.

The middle-aged female food vendor got angry with the girl student for not standing up straight when the national anthem was played at 6 p.m. on Tuesday Oct. 27. She did not accept her explanation of suffering from menstrual pain and verbally and physically abused her.

When the student filed a complaint against the vendor with the police, she was sent for a health checkup and got a certificate verifying her physical status on that day.

When the national anthem was played at 6 p.m. last evening, the rally-goers gave the three-finger salute and all sat down to pay respect to the national flag rather than standing straight. After that they ended their demonstration and returned home.

Mr. Thawiwong Tohthawiwong, leader of the People’s Party in Ayutthaya province, said using violence against people holding different opinions should not happen in Thai society, regardless of who it might be and opinions conflicting with any group whatsoever.

It was necessary to hold this rally to underscore the party’s standpoint that violence must be resisted and the rights and freedom of all Thais respected, he added.


The demonstration at Ayutthaya station last evening. Thai headline says, “sat down to pay respect to the national flag.” Photos: Amarin TV


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