Thailand unveils special 270-day package for tourists

THE Cabinet today (Sept. 15) approved in principle the guidelines for a special category of tourists to come to Thailand for a 90-day stay under the Special Tourist Visa with this extendable twice taking the total to 270 days, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Foreign tourists have to meet the following qualifications to get this visa:

– An intention to stay in Thailand for a long period;

– Show evidence of a long-term residence in this country;

– Acknowledge and comply with this country’s public health measures. Also agree to a 14-day Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ).

Those who pass the coronavirus control measures as set by the Public Health Ministry have the right to request this tourist visa. The visa fee is 2,000 baht a 90-day stay in Thailand and after this expires immigration officials have the authority to extend it twice more for equal number of days, but submission of the required form and specified fee is required to be paid.

This will come into effect from the date of the announcement till September 30, 2021.

Ms. Trisulee Trisonakul, deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said it is hoped that this category of tourists will help drive Thai tourism industry and related businesses and along with this the Thai economy as a whole.

Thailand is a strong magnet for tourists with high-purchasing power across the world having so successfully managed the spread of coronavirus that today it is ranked as the top safe country to visit.


Top: Girl and catamaran at sunset, Kamala beach, Phuket, Thailand. Photo: (CC BY 2.0)



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