Urgent! Covid-19 patient found within the country

RAMATHIBODI Hospital confirmed this afternoon (August 19) that its respiratory system clinic had found a patient infected with Covid-19 with this person having previously cleared the 14-day state quarantine and allowed out to lead a normal life, said.

Dr. Piyamit Srithara, dean of this hospital’s Faculty of Medicine, said the viral sharing online of the discovery of this patient is true. It was the hospital’s ARI Clinic, or respiratory clinic, at Ramathibodi Hospital’s  Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute that found this patient infected with the deadly disease.

Meanwhile Dr. Walairat Chaiyafoo, director of the Epidemiology Division, Department of Disease Control, said the department had been informed of this case and initially found out that the patient had previously stayed in state quarantine for 14 day before being released to continue living normally.

The latest data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and reported by CNBC is as follows:

Global cases: More than 22 million

Global deaths: At least 779,443

Top five countries: United States (over 5.48 million), Brazil (over 3.4 million), India (over 2.7 million), Russia (over 930,000), South Africa (over 592,000)


Top: A sign on a downtown Minneapolis restaurant during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Sign reads “All Food, Alcohol, & Money have been REMOVED from this location. Good luck everyone! We will miss you & See you again soon.” Photo: Chad Davis (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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