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Two political activists released on bail

THE Ratchada Criminal Court allowed the two political activists arrested yesterday in a case about inciting the public as well as seven other counts to be released on bail late this afternoon (August 8), INN News reported.

Lawyer Mr. Anon Nampha and Mr. Panupong Chadnok or Mike Rayong  were temporarily freed after two Kao Klai party-list MPs,  Mr. Pakornwut Udomphipatsakul and Mr.Karom Phonpornklang, placed their positions and submitted 100,000 baht for each suspect to the court as surety.

The court set one condition for their temporary release and that is they do not do anything in the manner which they have been accused of as this would be considered violating the bail.

However Anon insisted after his release that the Free People Group, which grew out of the Free Youth group, had assembled peacefully throughout and reiterated the three demands – dissolve Parliament; draft a new Constitution; and stop intimidating the people, Khaosod Thai-language newspaper said.

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He also thank MPs from Kao Klai  and Pheu Thai parties as well as all other opposition parties for expressing their intention to help bail out the others who have been accused.

Anon added that from now on he would only attend rallies for activities related to constitutional amendments, and would avoid anything seen to be inciting the people.

This is because the Constitution is higher than Section 116 under which the charges have been filed, he pointed out

It is normal to be careful, he said, adding that others for whom arrest warrants have been issued are ready to proudly go through the justice procedure .

He also said that the big gathering on August 16 will definitely take place whether the two of them are detained or not because there are the second and third rows of followers to carry it out.

He also pointed out that their rallies to date have all be peaceful and orderly.


Top: The two political activists released on bail today. Photo: INN News

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