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Report reckless truck, bus drivers and get 50% of the fine

IN A MOVE TO improve road safety the Land Department today (July 27) announced that those who report trucks and public buses being driven in a reckless and scary manner without due consideration for public safety will be given 50% of the fine, INN News reported.

In reporting the wrongdoers to the department the informers should send photos and/or video clip clearly showing the licence plate as this will speed up the follow-up process.

There are various ways to reach the department with the key one being to call the 24-hour hotline at 1584, but also possible to download the application DLT GPS, get in touch via Line ID @1584dlt, or the website http://ins.dlt.go.th/cmpweb/ as well as writing and sending an e-mail to dlt_1584complain@hotmail.com.

Once the examination process and comparison has been completed and the case finalized, the informant will be entitled to 50% of the fine after deducting state remittances.

This is a new campaign to build engagement and strengthen driving discipline for the safety of road users.

According to World Health Organization estimates for Thailand in the Global Status Report on Road Safety (GSRRS) 2018, road traffic crashes killed more than 22,000 people, which equates to about 60 people dying on Thailand’s road each day.

The majority of these deaths occurs to those aged between 15 and 29 years. The 2018 report also shows that 74% of road traffic deaths in Thailand are to riders of motorised two- and three- wheelers, mainly motorcycles.

Thailand is demonstrating strong commitment to reducing road crash deaths and substantial progress has been made since the previous GSRRS in 2015; for example:

Pillar 1: Road safety management –by recently setting up the sub-committee to review the establishment of the road safety technical institute. This is a bold step in the efforts towards strengthening Thailand’s institutional capacity on road safety;

Pillar 2: Safer roads and mobility – by the efforts to improve rural roads taking into account safety for all road users which has resulted in fewer fatalities, and by welcoming the star rating for new and existing roads in an effort to achieve the global standards;

Pillar 3: Safer vehicles – by the efforts to introduce the evidence-based policy on ABS installation for safer motorcycles, and by the investment in installing a GPS system for over 300,000 public vans, buses, and trucks to monitor driving time and speed to increase the safety of the drivers and passengers;

Pillar 4: Safer road users – by passing the law on seat belts for rear seat occupants and also by setting blood-alcohol concentration limits for young and novice drivers and for the ongoing efforts to integrate and modernise existing legislation to address safer behaviours; and

Pillar 5: Post-crash care – Thailand has demonstrated a remarkable success in post-crash care, part of which is due to a strong lead agency who sets the standards and coordinates efforts effectively.


Top: A container truck driving down a highway. Thai headline says, “get 50% of the prize money.” Photo: Sanook.com

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