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House panel to question dropping of charges against Red Bull heir

THE HOUSE Committee for Police Affairs is in the process of inviting all those concerned in the withdrawal of charges against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya in a hit-and-run incident that led to a policeman’s death in Bangkok on September 3, 2012, INN News and Sanook.com reported this morning (July 25, 2020).

The committee’s vice chairman Mr Khrumanit Sangphum, Phuea Thai MP from Surin, said this case is of great interest to the public with questions now being raised about dropping the charges.

Wichian Klanprasert, a police officer based at Thonglor station, was killed that morning with Vorayuth, grandson of billionaire Red Bull co-founder Chaleo Yoovidhya, being accused of driving his black Ferrari and slamming into the policeman’s motorcycle at high speed and zooming away after dragging his body for a certain stretch of Sukhumvit road.

As the public wants answers the committee has therefore picked up this issue to consider and is right now in the process of inviting all those concerned, both government officials and those on the legal side, to give a clear and detailed explanation whether the facts are correct or not, he said

He added that the committee will publicly reveal all the details once an explanation has been obtained.

Lots of Thai netizens clicked the angry emoticon after the news broke out yesterday .

Within two hours of a story on this development being posted at The Reporters news page 5,000 people responded to it with 1,500 clicking the angry emoticon.

Aside from this many people also raised questions such as, “Okay, is it true that everyone in this country is equal?” and  “Is the prison only for the poor?”

Some wrote that they now lacked faith in the justice system.


Top: Vorayuth Voovidhya and his black Ferrari. Thai headline says, “There has to be an answer to the public” Photo: Sanook.com


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