Rayong officials chasing many shoppers for Covid-19 test

OFFICIALS are still trying to get many of the 394 shoppers who were at Passione Shopping Destination mall, previously known as Laemthong, at the same time the Covid-19 infected Egyptian soldier was there for a few hours on Friday July 10 to come in for medical procedure, INN News reported this morning (July 15, 2020).

Mr Roengchai Suksila, Deputy Rayong Public Health Doctor, said all 394 had registered with the government via Thai Chana QR code and while some had replied, it would take some time to reach all 394 shoppers.

However so far 12 high-risk individuals who came into close contact with the 31 Egyptian soldiers who stayed at a Rayong hotel for a few days last week have been quarantined with this having started on Sunday July 12.

Today samples will be taken to check for infection with the delay being the necessity of passing the incubation period, and the result is expected tomorrow.

Meanwhile the Urban Disease Prevention and Control Unit set up a mobile clinic in front of Passione Shopping Destination and hundreds of people queued up for a Covid-19 test.

This showed that people are alert and concerned about this infection, he said, adding those at risk can still go to the mobile clinic for a test as it will remain open for many days.

In a related development Ms Pattamaporn Nokhong, manager of Passione Shopping Destination, issued a statement after photos of the infected Egyptian soldier shopping at this store were widely circulated online, Naewna newspaper reported.

She said that the Egyptian soldiers reached the mall in two batches, first group totaling 13 of them and the second just two, at 11.30 a.m. and after passing temperature check and getting alcohol gel, went in.

The sick Egyptian soldier was one of the two soldiers strolling together, and they went to the second floor where  there are mobile phones and men’s clothing for sale as well as some bank branches.

They did not touch the escalator nor did they enter the shops or restaurants, not having bought any food or drinks or any other goods.

They all wore face masks throughout and left at 2.40 p.m.

Meanwhile Phyathai Nawamin Hospital issued a statement that the sick Sudanese child, who is the daughter of a diplomat, had come there on July 10 at 2.22 p.m. for a checkup and it had followed standard screening of Covid-19 patients according the Public Health Ministry guidelines, Naewna added.

The child was immediately taken to a separate examination room at the acute respiratory infection department and did not mingle with the other patients.

She was later transferred to a standard separate room and then sent for treatment at Children’s Hospital.


Pictures of the Covid-19-infected Egyptian solder, wearing red shirt, at the Passione Shopping Destination which have gone viral online. Photos: Naewna

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