Head of Phaya Naga found near cave

By Peeranut P.,

THE EXCITING discovery of the Naga Cave at Phu Lanka National Park in Bueng Kan province with stones in them that look very much like the body of Phaya Naga, a semi-divine serpent-like creature, has now become even more thrilling with the discovery of its head, reported today (July 13, 2020).

Thai folklore holds the Phaya Naga to be semi-divine, demi-creatures, which possess supernatural powers as has been described in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology.

When stones shaped like the body of Phaya Naga were found in this cave, with scales on them too, a comparison was made to ones found in Laos.

However, now the Thai Phaya Naga’s head too has been found not too far away from the cave surrounded by a mysterious forest, as mentioned at Buengkan Day page.

Those who are fascinated by the supernatural will definitely like the Naga Cave and would be captivated by Phaya Naga’s head which is similar to a large snake with scales on it and is resting on the ground, being similar to its body in the cave. Taken together the stones seem to show a large serpent that is slithering out of the cave.

Those who want to go and have a look at Phaya  Naga should contact local officials to get clear rules for doing so.

This is really a great place to take eye-catching and very searchable photos so if a chance arises it should not be missed.

Phaya Naga fans may also be interested in buying T-shirts emblazoned with the semi-divine creature which is said to possess supernatural powers from the Bueangkan Day page.

This would be a good souvenir from a trip to this cave which is very popular right now.


Phaya Naga’s head and body at Naga Cave in Bueng Kan province. Photos:

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