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Met Dept debunks scary weather rumours circulating online

AS a frightening weather warning as gone viral on Thai social media, the Meteorological Department today (July 12) came out to pacify the public that it is fake news that should not be believed, INN News reported.

The message that startled the public says that this year the rain deity is brutal because the cool season set in sooner than the pattern established over the past decade.  This is leading to rain clouds forming across the country. Torrential downpours in the North and Northeast accompanied by strong winds will lead to overnight flooding. In the south there will be 6.5 magnitude earthquake with this being 10 kilometres deep.

The Thai weathermen said this information was not given out by their department and advised people to follow their weather reports and announcements or that those issued by a related agency.

They added that currently there are no signs of abnormal weather patterns. Where rain this year is concerned, the volume is going to be a little less than the last few seasons.

Low pressure troughs are not clearly apparent right now with only the seasonal southwesterly monsoon being active. There are also no signs of a tropical cyclone forming in the Pacific Ocean.

Where earthquakes are concerned, this cannot be predicted.

The Meteorological Department will immediately inform the public if there is any change in the weather and people are urged to not be alarmed.

Those who have any questions or require information may call the hotline 1182 or telephone number 0 2399 4012-3 2 all 24 hours. They may also visit the department’s website at www.tmd.go.th.


Top: Prelude to a storm at Koh Samed. Photo: Kizamaya (CC BY 2.0)

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