Fearful Krabi strictly screens first group of Bangkok bus passengers

TRANSPORT officials at the popular southern coastal province of Krabi mounted stringent screening of the first group of bus passengers to arrive there from Bangkok this morning (June 10) after inter-provincial bus services started up again in a big effort to prevent  a second outbreak of Covid-19, Naewna newspaper reported.

When passengers disembarked from their bus Land Transport officials were on hand to check their temperature, prompted them to scan the Thai Chana QR code and register their residence, and perhaps most importantly that they were wearing face masks.

The passengers also had to scan the Thai Chana QR code upon embarking and disembarking the bus or fill out their personal information in Tor 8 form. They had to wear a face mask throughout the journey and were not allowed to eat on the bus. Some seats were left unoccupied for social distancing and there was alcohol gel available to clean their hands.

Transport and Lignite Tour companies will now be regularly dispatching buses to this province. The former will be sending three a day, two VIP  buses and one ordinary one, till end of June.The VIP  fare is 938 baht while the ordinary service 623 baht. It had taken 52 passengers on the first trip of the resumption of the service

Lignite Tour will be dispatching two buses a day, one VIP and the other ordinary, with the VIP fare being 938 baht and ordinary service 639 baht. On the first trip of the first day it had 38 passengers.

Mr Atthacha Buachan, chief of Krabi Land Transport Office,  said in strictly screening passengers his office is following the steps laid down by the Department of Land Transportation to control the Covid-19 pandemic. Land Transport officials will be screening all the passengers till end of June after which terminal officials will take on the responsibility.


Top: Transport Company’s bus parked at the Krabi inter-provincial bus terminal this morning. Photo: Naewna

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