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Pheu Thai not joining Phalang Pracharath in forming new government

PHEU Thai Party leader Sompong Amornwiwat today (June 3) dispelled widespread rumours that his party would be joining Phalang Pracharath Party in forming a new government after 18 of the latter party’s executive directors suddenly resigned on Monday (June 1), PostToday reported this afternoon.

Mr Sompong Amornwiwat, Pheu Thai’s leader, said in a post on his personal Facebook page that these rumours are intended to discredit his party.

He added that as long as he is the party leader he will not do anything to violate democratic principles.

Pheu Thai refuses to gain power by any means that are not in accordance with the democratic system, he said, adding that all political work and political decisions must be made for the benefit of the people.

Mr Sompong also said that these rumours are both intended to discredit Pheu Thai party and be used as a bargaining chip among the coalition parties themselves in allocating power and benefits.

He urged the people who support Pheu Thai to rest assured that no matter who claims to represent Pheu Thai in negotiating anything as long as he is performing the duty as party leader he will not do anything contrary to the will of the people and the democratic principles.


Top: Pheu Thai party leader Sompong addressing the Press at the party head office. Photo: PostToday

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